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Privacy Policy

We will always protect your privacy as a website visitor or a registered member. In this privacy policy, we will establish the terms under which we will be using your private details.

What type of information do we collect?
We might use, right away or at a later time, collect and store the following personal information:

  • Data regarding the number of visits you make to the website and your behavior while visiting.
  • Data regarding your account information. This might include email address and any other information you provide when registering for an account.

Data regarding the visits on our website:
We can collect the data that is related to your visits to our website and data that is related to your computer such as: the type of browser you are using, the amount of time you spend on the website, your ip address and your location and country, and the number of pages that you visit. We will and can use this information in three purposes: to assure better website functionality, to administrate the website, and to conduct any marketing campaigns we might need to start.

This website uses cookies. A cookie is a file that is stored in your browser and it logs the communication between your computer and our website. As long as you have our cookie store on your computer, it will travel back to our website every time you access it. This allows us to track your activity on our website. This way your unique visit will be identified and linked to previous visits. We may send a cookie that will be stored in your browser and remembered on your hard disk. We may use any of the information the cookies allow us to get, the type of data explained above, to any purposes stated above. We may also use this cookie and the data it provides us with to recognize your visits and computer and to allow you to enter a personalized version of our website.

When you click on advertising link on our website, you might also get cookies. This is set in your browsers, by checking the refuse cookies option. Location of this option depends on the driver you are using. If you choose to disable cookies, you may encounter problems while using our website and many other websites as well.

Personal information usage:
All and any personal information you submit to our website, regardless of the method used, may be used for any and all of the purposes we have and will specify in this privacy policy. Specifications referring to personal information usage that are present on relevant website parts are also valid and will be considered as part of this privacy policy. By entering out website, you accept all these terms. Furthermore, next to all the purposes mentioned elsewhere in the privacy policy or on the website, we may also use the personal information for any of the below purposes:

Make sure the website is a better place for a users, improving the website and personalizing it for each user.

Send you personalized information that you might be interested in based on the nature of our website and your behavior while on it. Note that we will never send marketing communications. We will and may never use the personal information you provide us in direct marketing purposes by revealing it to any third party. If there will be any marketing campaigns they will include our company's websites and your relationship to this website.

Additional disclosures:
Moreover, in addition to all the rationally needed disclosures of personal information that we have mentioned elsewhere in this privacy policy, we may also disclose your personal information:

  1. When we are required to by law
  2. regarding any legal proceedings or forthcoming legal proceeding initiated by our website or other claiming parts
  3. when we need to point out, exercise or defend the rights given to us by law, which includes giving personal information to persons that require us to in order to prove or disprove a credit card fraud, or any other type of legal action and
  4. When we considering purchasing or selling an asset or business that we own or will own (or are considering to buy or sell.) In this situation, the purchaser or seller or potential purchaser or seller has the right to receive your disclosed personal information. We will never provide third parties with your personal information, expect for the situations provided in this privacy policy.

International data transfers:
All the date that we may collect can be used or stored and exchanged between any of the international regions we are operating in so that we can enable the usage of personal data as per this privacy policy. Those that are living in the European Union will agree that their personal data may be used and transferred to other countries that may be situated outside the European Union like the United States, and that do not have the type of laws that allow users from European Union to have protected data. You fully and precisely agree to all data transfers and to allowing your data travel to countries that do not offer personal data protection laws.

Personal information safety:
We agree to take safety measures in order to prevent the loss, exploitation, or modification of your personal data. It is reasonably logical to admit that any data transmitting over the internet is not fully secure, and we will not held responsible for any alternations that your data might encounter after sent over the internet. We cannot guarantee the full security of the information sent over the internet. The serial number and other receipts you get from us and need to use are your responsibility to keep confidential.

Policy amendment:
This privacy policy may be updated and reviewed at any time by us. When we update the privacy policy, we will post the new reviewed version onto our website. It is your responsibility to check the privacy policy page and see if you still agree with any additions.

Third party websites and links:
On this website, there are many external links to third party websites. We do not take any responsibility in any date or activity you decide to share with the third party websites you access from our website. We are not responsible for the specific privacy policies that third party companies and websites are using.

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